Niche Products

Unique and specialty insurance coverage

Comprehensive Protection

Plans that protect whats most important
  • Special risk insurance (unique situations where company/employees’ travel/work in areas of political unrest)
    Protect your business operations and employees who travel or work in regions facing political unrest, natural disasters, or other high-risk conditions. This coverage ensures that your organization can operate with confidence, knowing that potential risks are managed and mitigated.
  • Virtual Healthcare
    Virtual healthcare solutions can provide health coverage and protection through telehealth and virtual consultations and assessment. Ensure your employees have access to virtual health solutions for their protection.
  • Insuring high risk avocations (pilots, sailors, scuba divers, heli skiers, etc.)
    Safeguard individuals employed in high-risk professions such as pilots, sailors, scuba divers, and heli-skiers. Our policies provide comprehensive coverage that addresses the unique challenges and dangers associated with these professions, offering peace of mind to both employers and their adventurous employees.

Niche Products and Risk

Protect your business and employees in unique circumstances

Address unique and complex risks with our specialized Niche Insurance solutions. Tailored to cover scenarios that fall outside the realm of standard insurance policies, our offerings include Special Risk Insurance and High-Risk Vocation Insurance.

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