Health Spending Account

Health and Wellness spending plans

Comprehensive Protection

Plans that protect whats most important
  • Separates you from your competitors
    A health spending account is a competitive advantage in the talent management and retention landscape.
  • Provides flexibility
    The HSA is uniquely flexible and customizable product. Let us guide you on how best to utilize your plan.
  • Unique & customizable options
    A HSA can cover items that are not traditionally covered in a Group Benefits Plan. Take advantage of the new and innovative approaches.

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs)

Protect the health and wellness of your staff members

Maximize flexibility and choice in healthcare with our Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). An HSA is a versatile and tax-efficient tool that empowers your employees to manage their health and wellness expenses according to their unique needs. This plan covers a broad array of medical expenses not typically included in standard health plans, such as dental services, vision care, alternative therapies, and more. Employees can allocate their designated funds as they see fit, providing them with the autonomy to prioritize what’s most important for their personal health. Implementing an HSA not only enhances your benefits package but also encourages a healthier, more engaged workforce by putting healthcare decisions in the hands of your employees.

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