Group RRSP/Pension

Helping plan members save for the future

Comprehensive Protection

Plans that protect whats most important
  • Compliance & Governance
    Constant compliance/governance education tailored to the demographic
  • Saving for the future
    Teaching younger employees the value of starting early and guiding employees ready to retire
  • Account Selection
    TFSA, non-registered, DPSP, Spousal RRSP

Helping plan members save for the future

Structured arrangements for contributions toward wealth accumulation and protection

A Group RRSP is an attractive retirement savings option that allows employees to contribute collectively through a plan sponsored by their employer. This structured savings plan offers tax advantages similar to individual RRSPs but is administered on a group basis, allowing for easier and often automatic contributions directly from payroll. Participants benefit from lower investment management fees compared to individual accounts, which can significantly enhance retirement savings over time. Additionally, a Group RRSP can be a pivotal part of your company's benefits package, aiding in the attraction and retention of top talent by demonstrating a commitment to the financial well-being of your employees. Let us help you set up a Group RRSP that supports your employees’ futures while optimizing their tax benefits.

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